Top 3 Resources for Picking a New Credit Card

By: Alex Cramer on 10 August 2017

The average American has 2-3 credit cards in their wallet (source). We know that soon, one is going to be a Final card - but how do you pick the others? We compiled some great resources on picking a new credit card that we wanted to share with you:

  1. The Points Guy - If you love to travel, this is an amazing resource. It includes not only credit cards, but also interesting news and guides like The Best and Worst Airlines of 2017.
  2. NerdWallet - Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or just want to browse, Nerdwallet is a great resource for finding new financial products. Not only do they cover credit cards, but they also cover things like checking accounts and mortgages. Plus, they offer great resources for brushing up on your financial knowledge like Credit Cards 101.
  3. Frugal Travel Guy - Another resource for those who like to travel, but with a really great, accessible Rookie Guide that’s worth taking a look at.

What are your favorite resources when you’re researching a new credit card (or other financial product)? Let us know in the comments!