Request for Credit Cards

By: Aaron Frank on 21 August 2017

We at Final have decided to put out a Request for Credit Cards (RFCC), to help bring new ideas and products to market. One might think our Final branded credit card would be competitive, but besides building a product our customers love, what we’ve really built is modern credit card issuing platform that we’re looking to scale alongside partners. Think AWS for Credit Cards.

We’re looking to expand the opportunities available to consumers and businesses in the card space. We know there are numerous untapped areas to innovate in customer experience, credit, underwriting, rewards, and more, and we want to provide the infrastructure to speed the pace of innovation.

Offering cards can improve customer loyalty, provide a large and unique revenue source in addition to your core business, and in and of itself can provide great utility to a business and their customers. It takes a company with strong leadership and audacious goals to make this call, or a few crazy founders - so let’s see what you’re made of.

4 months and we’ll be live.

That all being said, introducing a card program is not a small endeavor - with the bigger processing players in the U.S. (there are really only 4, not including us) - the timeline to launch is between 12-18 months. With Final, you could have a live card in as little as four months, leveraging the tested systems and team we have in place to accelerate your time to first card.

Are you any of the following:

  • A CEO, COO, Chief Revenue Officer, or product leader looking to introduce a card program?
  • Representing a company with >100k customers, many of whom would be interested in a custom-branded card program from your company?
  • Looking for a partner that offers a full suite of solutions (processing, servicing, web/mobile apps and more) that will meet or exceed your digital-era customer’s expectations (and can get you live within a few months)?
  • A team of founders wanting to launch a new credit card

If you answered yes to any of the above, we’d love to hear from you at

To prime the pump a little, here are a few ideas we’ve had, but we’re open to working with the crazy ones, the misfits and the rebels :)

  • Crypto-centric rewards program
  • Coalition Loyalty
  • Sweepstakes Rewards (central “pot” of money that is won monthly)
  • Social network credit card
  • Card that won’t let you spend more than you have in a savings account
  • BTC Credit Card that actually makes sense