Top 7 Resources for Great Travel Experiences

By: Victoria Krauchunas on 24 August 2017

We love to travel at Final - heck, it’s even a part of our origin story! However, we are still start-up employees on a budget, so we’ve found some great resources online to save money while seeing more of the world.

Whether you’re planning a 2 week vacation in a few months, or just need a couple of days away ASAP, make sure you take a look at these:

  1. Scott’s Cheap Flights - Get travels straight to your inbox with this great service. Scott keeps an eye out for price drops and other deals, and lets you know as soon as he finds one.
  2. Skyscanner - An easy to search site with tons of travel deals. They even have a map, so if you haven’t decided on a destination yet, you can check out the best places to visit without breaking the bank.
  3. The Flight Deal - Don’t let the name mislead you. The Flight Deal covers flights, hotels and car rentals, all in one place.
  4. Wirecutter - Don’t max out your cards gearing up for your adventure - use Wirecutter to find some great products at great prices.
  5. Couchsurfing - Hotels can be overrated - and expensive. If you want to immerse yourself in an area, what better way than to stay with a local?
  6. AirBNB - AirBNB is not only a great resource for finding a place to stay, but also a great resource for travel inspiration - check out their Places section!
  7. HomeExchange - Alright, so maybe this didn’t work out so well in Troll 2, but in reality, it’s a great way to see a new city and make some lifelong memories.

What are your favorite money-saving travel sites? Let us know in the comments!