Are you Financially Literate?

By: Victoria Krauchunas on 30 August 2017

Sometimes, team bonding looks a little different at a FinTech company. Recently, we came across WalletHub’s great WalletLiteracy quiz and thought it might be fun to take it and compare our scores. Here’s what we found:

Company Average: B+

Our company average was a 78.7, which is a B+ according to the scale listed here. It turns out that, while we’re rockstars at credit cards, we need some brushing up on a few other areas of financial literacy.

Strongest Categories

Credit cards, of course! It turns out working at a credit card company will give you a pretty good working knowledge of cards. We also did fairly well on investment behavior and student loans.

Weakest Categories

Car insurance and mortgages. This may simply be a stage of life thing - many of us don’t own cars or homes (yet!). Of course, our VP of Finance had no weak categories - he got a 100%!


Now that we know our weaknesses, we’ve started to look for some resources to become more well rounded. Here are a few we love:

Now, we challenge you: take the great WalletLiteracy quiz, and let us know how you do - and what you’d like to learn more about.