Final Announces Apple Pay® and Advanced Card Controls to Enhance Payment Security

By: Alex Cramer on 06 September 2017

Final, the fintech company bringing transparency, control and security to credit cards, announces today Apple Pay availability for its cardholders. Through Apple Pay’s easy and secure payments on the web or in-person, Final is helping digital-age consumers take back control of their credit cards. In addition, Final is introducing advanced controls for its merchant-locked virtual cards, allowing cardholders to set custom monthly or lifetime spend limits for merchants like Netflix, Amazon and Lyft, furthering their level of control over card spend.

Fraudulent transactions made online or via phone increased 40 percent over the last year, making today’s consumer exceptionally more vulnerable to security breaches and hacks. Grey charges plague customers, when they forget about subscriptions or have services raise recurring prices without notice. Final’s proprietary technology reduces the hassles and headaches that come with a compromised account and grey charges. At its core, Final was created to make credit card users’ lives easier and provide a fundamentally better card experience than is offered today – shouldn’t your credit card company aim to do that?

In addition to its existing features like no hidden fees, email-first customer support, one-time-use cards, and 2FA, Final is now helping cardholders rethink their credit cards with:

  • Easy payments on any Apple device. No matter if you’re on an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac device with Safari, Final credit card customers can complete purchases without needing to fumble for their wallet. Welcome to the future, with Apple Pay.
  • Merchant-locked credit card numbers that can be controlled with Monthly or Lifetime spend limits and custom expiration dates. Imagine being able to set your card to not allow your Cable Provider to charge you $5 more next month than they do today or choose a card expiration date that ensures you that a “Free Trial” is really free!
  • More compatibility than just Apple Pay… Samsung Pay & Android Pay are coming soon for Final cardholders, to support just about every mobile device you can think of.
  • For more information on Final, the credit card and virtual credit card platform of the future, and for updates on Samsung Pay & Android Pay availability, visit or email