What is Final?

Final is a physical card, a mobile app, a better credit experience, a consumer advocate, and a way to protect your account from fraud, breaches, and card cancellation.

Final is what we built when we started thinking about the ways in which we wanted to take back control of our own credit cards for how and when we’re charged, instead of leaving it up to merchants.

Why build Final?

Let's start here: the credit card was originally designed in 1958 for the world of 1958.

We wanted to build a credit card designed for how people buy today.

The genesis of Final occurred during a backpacking trip in Europe, January 2014. While there, our CEO Aaron, had his credit card deactivated, without warning, due to the Target breach. Had he not been traveling with friends that could float him some Euros, that would've meant a lack of access to funds – and the inability to book a hostel or flight home. Getting a new card mailed to Berlin would have taken weeks.

At the same time, our CTO Matt was in San Jose, unable to buy a sandwich. Again, a card canceled due to the Target breach.

This entire process seemed comically outdated and passive. Why should one merchant's security lapse affect all other merchant relationships and worse - an individual's access to their own resources?

It shouldn't. And that's the solution we set out to build – a credit card designed for today.

Final reduces the hassle associated with a cancelled card, fraud, or theft. Don't waste time re-establishing your payment relationships. Don't worry about missing important bills or about constantly checking your statement for unauthorized charges.

Is there a physical card?

Yes, as a Final cardholder, you have access to both a Final Visa® Card and the ability to generate virtual cards, either one-time use or merchant-locked.

We aim to be the safest payment solution you use, everywhere you purchase. The physical card is an EMV card, the security standard used by the majority of banks in the U.S., which has shown to reduce card fraud from in-person transactions by up to 80%.

Our virtual card technology complements EMV for all purchases that aren’t made in person.

With Final, you can generate virtual cards from your phone with the push of a button. Those virtual cards can be turned on or off in real time. Using your phone, you can also turn your physical card on or off, in case your card was misplaced, lost, or left at the bar - because we’ve been there too.

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card functions just like a physical card, and is designed to be used for all transactions made online, in-app, or over the phone.

You can choose between a one-time use virtual card that is disabled permanently after a single transaction, or a merchant-locked card that can only be used at the one merchant you select.

Final virtual cards are accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.

How do merchant-locked cards work?

Merchant-locked cards are designed for subscriptions, recurring purchases, or merchants you purchase from regularly, like Amazon, Uber, Netflix, your car insurance bill, or mobile carrier.

When you create a merchant-locked card, the first purchase automatically locks that card information to that merchant, so it can’t be used anywhere else. If someone does attempt to use it at a different merchant, we block that transaction.

Where does Final work?

Internationally and domestically, everywhere Visa is accepted, Final is accepted. That includes both the physical card and the virtual cards. Please see the terms and conditions for any fees associated with international transactions.

Do you have rewards?

Yes - unlimited 1% cash back on every purchase.

The security and control benefits of Final go well beyond grocery points and miles, but we understand rewards are important.

So while it might not be the highest cash back rate available, our goal is to provide rewards that actually get used by our cardholders - and that means making it easy to redeem - two clicks easy.

The reality is most banks design their rewards schemes to have high breakage rates. What does that mean? For each person that doesn’t redeem rewards, that’s money they don’t have to pay out. Essentially, they benefit from you not remembering to use those revolving category points.

We didn’t build this company to do silly things like that.

Can I build my credit history using Final?

Absolutely - that’s one of our biggest motivators for us as a consumer advocate, especially considering an entire generation has shied away from credit cards out of fear of adding to their student debt.

Using Final will build your credit history, and responsible account management (like paying your bill on time), will improve your credit score over time.

How do I know if I qualify for a Final card?

We will evaluate your credit history to make sure you’re able to pay us back, and if you’re approved, issue an appropriate credit limit. Unfortunately, that information is only made available to us through an application, so the only way for us (or you) to know if you qualify is to apply. At the moment, we look for things like a good to excellent credit background, a verifiable physical residence (not a PO Box) in the United States, a Social Security Number, and a working home or mobile phone.

Is it available internationally?

We’re focused on launching Final to cardholders in the U.S. (50 states + D.C.) first. We’d love to issue cards to people all over, but that’s another challenge altogether.

How do I apply?

Click here to learn more and apply