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Our Vision

Take back control of your wallet with FinalCard.

Credit cards have always made it easy for consumers to spend money, but equally easy for unauthorized parties to charge cardholders without their permission.

FinalCard is different. A secure, digital card, it brings clarity and control with unique, disposable numbers for each merchant. You choose how much and when each "card" can be charged.

Our Product

Buy Anywhere with Ease

Mobile. Browser. Wallet. Everywhere you spend your money we are supported, whether it’s through a browser extension, mobile app, or chip & pin card, you can use FinalCard anywhere.

Control Your Charges

Stay in control of your subscription services and avoid grey charges. Set the rules for how and when you're charged. Never debate your cancellation with Comcast again.

Use Rewards Anywhere

Don't sacrifice flexibility for security. Spend the rewards you earn from every purchase on anything.

Intelligent Spending

Get a clear, no-nonsense view of your purchases and buying habits. FinalCard shows you where your money is really going.

A Safer Way To Pay

FinalCard’s disposable card numbers give consumers unprecedented flexibility and security in their wallet. Merchants only get access to what you choose, and when.

Our Team

FinalCard was created out of the frustration we had whenever one of our credit cards was stolen. Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs previously worked with Fortune 500 utilities and banks to create engaging consumer and enterprise software solutions.

Matt Rothstein

Matt Rothstein

Founder, CEO

Matt was a founding engineer at SlidePay, Y-Combinator W’12 company. He knows the ins and outs of integrations with banks & payment processors. Built PCI-compliant services, required for all credit card transactions.

Andrew Dietrich

Andrew Dietrich

Founder, CCO

Andrew led marketing and sales operations at Simple Energy, Techstars Boulder ‘11 company. While there he managed a 500,000 customer engagement effort and sales and partnerships with Fortune 500 clients.

Aaron Frank

Aaron Frank

Founder, CTO

Aaron previously led engineering at Simple Energy. While there he built secure infrastructure to ingest and analyze hourly energy data for millions of households.

Ben Apel

Ben Apel

Director of Marketing

With a background in content and brand strategy, Ben brings experience from agency and internal environments in both Fortune 500s and startups.

Davis Godbout

Davis Godbout

Director of Product

After leaving Wall Street to pursue graduate school at BDW, Davis led marketing and product efforts at an early stage company in Boulder.


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